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2020 Best 5 Affordable Jumia Home Appliances To Buy On Jumia.com.ng | Up to 50% OFF!

Whether you are searching for affordable home appliances to buy on jumia.com.ng website, the best home appliance deals on Jumia Tech Sale Discounts Week, or you just want to gift your loved one, this total guide on the best 5 top home appliances to buy on Jumia.com.ng will sweep your feet because you will get more than you would have asked for.


Coming back home,

Is it true that the type of home appliances in your home can give you self-worth definition? Well, it might be true to some extent, however, the most important aspect of the deal is the comfort you get at the end of the day.

Imagine providing a comfortable environment for your children to study when back from school, a furnished kitchen your spouse is proud to jump from the bed and prepare you a smoothie at 1am, and a home where the basic things are in place.

Jumia Nigeria
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Thinking of breaking the bank for this? Neh…

You don’t need to spend your entire savings before you can make your home look its best. With the Jumia Home Appliances deals, you will get affordable appliances at its best prices. Let’s lay some foundation for you to understand the drive.


The Need for Home Appliances

Who doesn’t want to live in a nice and cupcake baking house? I guess, no one right?

 You know, the thought of enormous heat from the hours of 1:pm to 3:pm and around 1:am to 3:am makes it a great deal to think of a home appliance like Air Conditioner.

Jumia Home Appliances

While Air Conditioner sounds over the top in terms of the price, the bone of contention is that nothing beats comfort & happiness.

The good news is that you can simply shop for an Air Conditioner no matter your budget. Don’t worry, later on, we will talk more about it.


What are Home Appliances?

Home appliances, also known as domestic appliances, are electrical machines that help in household functions such as cooking, cleaning, and food preservation.


Examples of Home appliances

Major appliances, also known as white goods, comprise major household appliances and may include: air conditioners, dishwashers, clothes dryers, drying cabinets, freezers and etc.


What are the Best and Most Affordable Appliances for Your Home?

The best and the most affordable appliances for your home will be based on what you have already, need to change and of course, the price tag that comes with them. 

Be it a bachelor or family man, some of the best and the most affordable home appliances include refrigerators, Juicers, kitchen stoves, water heaters, washing machines, trash compactors, microwave ovens, and induction cookers.

Jumia Home Appliances
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The driving factor here is that with an affordable range of home appliances, you can make your home a center of attention or admiration.


Choosing the Best Home Appliances on Jumia

When it comes to buying a major appliance like a refrigerator, washing machine, or anything else that’s too big to fit in your car, picking the right retailer is nearly as important as picking the right brand or model.

The good news is, the fierce battle among home appliance manufacturers has led to a major reduction in prices of high-end appliances.

Unarguably, the best time for you to make your home look great is now- taking advantage of the 2020 Jumia Tech Week Sale Discounts.

With this confidence, let me show you the top 5 best Jumia Home Appliances at their cheap rates + enormous discounts for you.


2020 Best 5 Affordable Jumia Home Appliances to Buy

Jumia Home Appliances to buy
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Below are some of the best home appliances on Jumia.com.ng


1.  Air Conditioners

Until recently I never thought about owning an Air Conditioner. If there is a home appliance that is almost like a must-have then an Air conditioner in a home is no brainer.

Apart from the fact that you will create a comfortable environment for your children or loved ones, for you, after a busy workday, a onetime investment in a home appliance like the Air Conditioner can take the heaviness away.

The need for this home appliance can be aligned to the heat we’ve been experiencing lately.

Whether you are planning on getting an A/C or you are just about to begin the search for one, you are just a click away to get the best affordable Air Conditioner via the Jumia Home Appliances deals special.  

More so, with a variety of brands to choose from, you will easily see powerful split units that will keep your home cool no matter the weather, season or time of the year.

Jumia Home Appliances to buy

Getting your Air Conditioner Best Deals on Jumia 2020

Whether you’re looking for high or low cooling capacities, you will get them at affordable prices.

The best place to get the best Jumia deals on window air conditioners is here, and for split air conditioners you can check the best deals right here. You can see more varieties under the Jumia Air conditioners section – see button.


2.  Refrigerators & Freezers

As you grow or there is a need for expansion, there is either a need to store food or a craving for a cold drink.

From helping you save money by keeping your perishables fresh, to the chilling re-hydration refrigerators help provide, refrigerators have become a must-have for everyone who can afford them.

Jumia Home Appliances to buy on jumia nigeria
Photo: JUMIA Nigeria

For you,

Just as the search of the best refrigerator is personal and time-consuming, finding one that is perfect for you and meets your specifications requires a lot of time and effort.

To your advantage, you don’t have to flip websites for 5 hours to do that because below are some of the key points to consider when buying a Refrigerator & Freezer.

  • Counter-depth refrigerator
  • Storage Space
  • Number of Shelves
  • Ice and Water Dispenser
  • Defrosting Type
  • Price
1.       Counter-depth refrigerator

A counter-depth refrigerator is just your regular refrigerator fashioned in a way that it doesn’t exceed the depth of your kitchen counter making it seem as though it were a part of your kitchen cabinet.

Only the doors of the refrigerator go beyond the depth of the counter.

A Counter-depth refrigerator is for those who want their kitchen arranged in a particular pattern and wouldn’t mind giving up extra cash for that.


2.     Storage Space – Capacity

No matter the type of refrigerator you want to buy, it has to have enough space to store your perishables. Having several shelves isn’t the only buying factor, you need to look out for refrigerators with shelves that slide in or fold up.

This will help create room for tall items. Refrigerators come in litres too. You’d find litres from about 50L (lower for mini-fridges) to about 700L, so based on your need, you should decide on the capacity to buy.


3.     Number of Shelves
Jumia Home Appliances to buy
Photo: Jumia

Multiple shelves would aid in stacking several items.

To a large extent, it maximizes the storage space but at the same time, it could be a serious problem if you have tall items to store. That is why you need shelves that fold up or slide in.


4.     Defrosting Type

As your freezer keeps working, the water vapor that hits the cold coil condenses and then freezes. If left that way, the frost could build up until you’d have no more room for storage. Hence your need for periodical defrosting. Some refrigerators have the frost-free feature while others have to be defrosted manually.


5.     Price

The best consideration for buying a refrigerator will always be on the price. That is to say, ‘the fancier, the pricier’.

While extra features are just icing on the cake that makes some of them a bit pricey, the aim is to cool and store, which is what we expect from every refrigerator.


Getting your Refrigerators & Freezers Best Deals on Jumia 2020

Jumia offers several types and brands of refrigerators at prices you’d love. So, to shop for refrigerators specifically, you can discover a wide range of fridges and freezers at competitive prices on Jumia.

3.  Washing Machines

There are no doubts that buying a washing machine could be quite easy BUT buying the right one is where most consumers miss the mark. Why is this?

The home appliances market is filled with a variety of brands: the bad, the good, and the ugly, an occurrence that can make you indecisive/confused about what to go for.  

In order to help you solve this, below are the 6 standpoints you want to consider when going for a washing machine.

  • Size
  • Wash Settings
  • Time Delay
  • Pre-Soak
  • Spin Speed
  • Power Requirement
Jumia Home Appliances to buy
Photo: blogJumia
1.       Size

Before you click the “Buy Button” you need to consider the size of your space at home so as to know what to go for

Basically, the size of a standard washing machine is 85 cm high x 59-60 cm wide x 50-60 cm deep. Knowing this at your fingertips will help you ascertain what your room can contain, a factor that determines the size of the washing machine to buy.


2.     Wash Settings

A good washing machine must have its preset wash programs, such as ‘gentle wash’ for delicate clothes, and water level options. This option will help you customize the washing machine/process the way you want.


3.     Time Delay

A good washing machine should have a time delay for you to choose the finishing time of your washer or drier. This means that the washer or dryer stops spinning when the selected duration is over.


4.     Pre-Soak

Like the time delay, a good washing machine should have the pre-soak option to aid you to soak the clothes for a specified period, after which the wash cycle begins to spin automatically. This function serves at those times that you want some quietness. Sweet.


5.     Spin Speed

Measured in revolutions per minute (rpm), the spin speed here refers to how many times a washing machine drum spins within a minute.

While preset washing machines already have their spin speed set, a good washing machine should allow you to adjust the spin speed if you want to.

Jumia Home Appliances 2020
Image by moerschy from Pixabay


6.     Power Requirement

Whether you have “I better pass my neighbor” or something higher – power generating set, it is important to ensure that the washing machine you intend to buy conforms to the local electrical standards.

One of the most important power ratings is the voltage supply.  And of course, the voltage supply in most African countries ranges between 220-240V.


7.     Price

The price of any item, washing machine inclusive is based on the superlative benefits it gives you at the end of the day, hence, your choice of purchase.

The best thing is JUMIA offers washing machines at various prices all available on her website.

Jumia Home Appliances to buy
Photo: Jumia Shop

With the above said, let’s go over to show you the top Jumia washing machines with the above features so as to get total value for your money.


Getting your Washing Machine Best Deals on Jumia 2020

With the introduction of washing machine entry-level brands like Qasa, Polystar, Midea, the prices of washing machines has radically helped drive prices down.

With the Jumia Tech Week Sale Discounts you can shop for washing machines below N50,000 here and for those above N50,000, right here.

4.  Gas Cookers

When it comes to buying a major home appliance like Gas Cooker its usefulness can’t be overemphasized, because, if you look at it correctly, getting the right Gas Cooker is for sure a good investment; one which sets the centerpiece of your kitchen.

Jumia Home Appliances 2020

Whether you’re the type that likes to cook a lot or bake frequently, you will need to get what will work best for you and your family.

And I must say, if you want your partner to prepare you Amala at the middle of the night without hisses, then you’ve got to get her the best Gas Cooker that responds any time/any day.


Getting your Gas Cookers Best Deals on Jumia 2020

Jumia Home Appliances to buy
Photo: Jumia

Be it one meal or more than one meal you will need a gas cooker with more than one burner to assist you with your meal. Here are some of the best Jumia deals on Gas Cookers for you

5.  Juicers

Smoothie. Sounds familiar? Catch you.

Jumia Home Appliances 2020
Image by silviarita from Pixabay

Perhaps you want to start your day with a tall glass of juice or with a smoothie, with a good juice maker, you’ll be able to make that tall glass of fresh juice in splits of minutes.

Juicers basically comes in three variants: centrifugal juicers, masticating juicers, and citrus juicers.

Centrifugal and Masticating juicers are perfect for crushing fruits while the Citrus juicers are great for squeezing grapefruit, pineapple, lemons, oranges, and lime.

Below is where to get one or more for your needs.

Jumia Home Appliances to buy
Photo: Jumia


Getting your Juicers Best Deals on Jumia 2020

Whether you want to crush or squeeze fruits, Jumia has got the best juicers deal for you. 

Check out Centrifugal and Masticating juicers which are perfect for crushing fruits, and Citrus juicers, great for squeezing grapefruit, pineapple, and etc.

And of course, there is always a large collection of affordable juicers for you on Jumia.com.ng


That is it from us…


The Jumia Home Appliances: 2020 Jumia Tech Week Sale Discounts

Home Appliances To Buy On Jumia.com.ng Website

We took the time to select the above Jumia home appliances and their best deals for you; just to compliment the 2020 Jumia Tech Week Sale Discounts starting from March 23rd.

While there are other Electrical Home Appliances on Jumia, for you, these top 5 best affordable home appliances to buy on jumia.com.ng website will make your kitchen/home get the right sense.  

All in all, we believe this best guide on top Jumia Home Appliances + Discounts has helped you. 


Just as we’ve taken the time to make it worthwhile and detailed, we appreciate it if you tell us what you think and click the SHARE button with someone. Thanks. Gracias.


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